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Unlawful discrimination or Harassment in a public or private setting

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Discrimination in a Public or Private setting can be scary, humiliating and distressing. If you have been treated unfairly or treated less favourably than others due to a personal characteristic (such as your race, colour, accent, disability, family responsibilities, personal association, sex or gender) you may have a right to claim.

Discrimination may be subtle, taking the form of direct and/or indirect discrimination. Often victims are gaslighted into thinking that they are over-reacting or misinterpreting the situation due to the discrimination not being overt or brazen. The law recognises this and makes a distinction between different forms of discrimination, whether direct and/or indirect.

Direct discrimination exists when there is a clear link between the discrimination endured and a protected attribute; it is often more brazen.

To be successful in a direct discrimination claim, you must show that due to the protected attribute (which may be race, colour, disability etc) you were treated poorly, unfavourably, or differently and if it wasn’t for this protected attribute, you would not have been treated the way you were treated by a particular person, organisation, or body.

To be successful in an indirect discrimination claim, you must show that certain conditions, requirements, or hurdles are placed upon you or persons like you which make it fundamentally impossible or extremely difficult to engage in the desired service, access to treatment or ability to engage in a particular activity or benefit from a particular program. In such circumstances it is necessary to establish that the condition, requirement, or hurdle implemented is unreasonable in the circumstances and unjustly denies access, participation or a benefit or an opportunity to a particular class of persons holding the same or similar protected attributes.

If you have been discriminated against or have been subjected to discrimination of any form, it is important that you contact Karlos Lawyers today for an obligation free appraisal. Karlos Lawyers are experts in Discrimination Compensation Claims and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve and hold those accountable for their actions.

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