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Superannuation & Permanent Disability

Accessing Your Entitlements

If you have suffered an injury, illness, or disease you may be entitled to lump sum or periodic payments under your Superannuation Insurance Policy. This is often in addition to your Superannuation retirement monies or your retirement savings and may consist of an insurance entitlement payment. Under your Policy you may be entitled to:

  • Income protection payments or salary continuance benefits that do not impact on your retirement savings amount, up to the age of retirement or for a fixed period.
  • Lump sum benefits for Permanent disability or illness regardless if the injury, illness or disease is work-related.
  • Lump sum trauma benefits.
  • Terminal illness lump sum benefits.

If your loved one or someone close to you dies due to illness, injury, or disease, you may be entitled to a death benefit.

The type of benefits available to you and the amount of coverage is wholly dependent on the type of cover you have under your Superannuation Policy, and in some cases, you may be entitled to multiple payments under various superannuation policies.

It is important to note that all benefits are highly dependent on specific definitions and wordings of your policy. It is therefore critical that you obtain expert advice before embarking on the claims process, as Superannuation Insurance claims are notoriously complex. Generally, you only have one chance in bringing forth a claim and it is essential that you obtain the right advice as timing is critical in these matters.

If you have sustained a permanent injury or illness that has taken you off work, you may have a right to claim benefits under your Superannuation Policy.

Karlos Lawyers are expert Superannuation, Death, Trauma and Permanent Disability Lawyers and can assist you in assessing your entitlements under your policy and making a claim. Get in touch with our team today and claim what’s yours.

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