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TAC Lawyers Melbourne

TAC Lawyers Melbourne

Get in Contact with Experienced TAC Lawyers in Melbourne

If you have been injured due to an accident and want to get the maximum compensation you deserve for the injuries, our TAC lawyers in Melbourne can assist with your claim. We have been in legal practice since 2022 and understand that when things go wrong or you require legal assistance, you require excellence. Our team of lawyers is committed to giving clients realistic, straightforward, and tailored legal advice to suit their needs. That’s why we provide legal advice and strategies executed promptly, efficiently, and effectively.

Karlos Lawyers prides itself on being firm, fair, down-to-earth, and approachable when dealing with our clients. As experienced professionals, we understand that an injury, illness, or dispute can significantly impact your life and shatter your confidence and outlook. Hence, we apply a holistic approach to claims management, litigation, and dispute resolution. We are driven by our core values of compassion, empathy, and commitment to social justice.
TAC Lawyers Melbourne
TAC Lawyers Melbourne

Trust Our Melbourne TAC Lawyers for Advice on What to Do in Case of an Accident

Have you been injured and are wondering what to do when your claim is rejected or terminated? Trust our Melbourne TAC lawyers. We provide the most reliable advice on what to do when TAC rejects or terminates your claim or when you are denied medical treatment. After an accident, most people do not understand their rights and entitlements. Are you aware that you may be entitled to loss of earnings benefits, medical expenses, and occupational rehabilitation, among others?
We advise our clients to do the following after being involved in a transport accident:

● Seek medical attention and obtain a certificate of capacity from a medical practitioner, if appropriate.
● Report the accident to the police and obtain a traffic incident number.
● Gather all relevant information about the accident, such as the location, names of potential witnesses, and vehicle registration, among other things.
● Ensure that you have reported all injuries to the TAC and the police when making a report.

TAC Lawyers Melbourne
TAC Lawyers Melbourne

Contact Specialist TAC Lawyers in Melbourne to Get the Outcome You’re Looking For

Having the right legal team when you have suffered injuries in a transport accident can make a difference. If your claim has been rejected, we advise that you act quickly, as failure may impact your chances of having the decision reviewed. This is where our TAC lawyers in Melbourne come in. As professionals, we know that road and accident compensation claims can be complex, hence the need for expert advice. We will provide you with a free claim check when you contact us.

At Karlos Lawyers, we understand that you have suffered enough, and this is not the time for you to worry about the legal fees. As such, we work on a no-win, no-fee basis. Additionally, our lawyers will ensure you know where you stand when you engage us for assistance. We work tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome and ensure that you walk away with the lion's share of any compensation payout or settlement achieved.
TAC Lawyers Melbourne

Contact us today and tell us a little about your situation and let our team of expert TAC lawyers in Melbourne guide you on where to go from here.

Our Values


We provide direct, realistic, and straightforward advice. We will advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of your case from the outset and work with you on how to strategically approach your case to put you on the path of success. We will do what is right by you and we will not allow your entitlements to be compromised to simply make a profit.


We understand that you have commitments and responsibilities. Our team of experts will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit to help you reclaim your life so you can continue to live your life as best as you can and back to kicking goals.


We understand that the claims process can be demoralising and can often leave people feeling marginalised, unheard, and invalidated.

We care for our clients; we treat them like family, and we protect our own. We ensure that our clients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity throughout the claims process. We ensure that that they are not discriminated against, treated poorly, or ridiculed.
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